The Avengers REVIEW:
So if you didn't know in 2005 Marvel signed on to Paramount to release individual movies for each hero. So you can know more about them (besides Hawkeye). Releasing Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor. Now lets get on to the review. Finally I've been waiting forever for this great flick. So lets start it of, Loki wants to rule Earth, since Thor took Asgard away from him. He visits deep space to find this alien race  that i forgot the name of and other things happen. Being Loki visited the S.H.I.E.L.D offices and tore it apart they start to gather the avengers. In the beginning they all don't get along with each other and the end they do. Their is lots of comedy in this movie making the theater clap and laugh, sad moments, and of course ACTION. Out of a 10 I give The Avengers a 10/10. Joss Whedon did a good job directing this and hope he does the sequel. HINT: stay after both credit scenes for scenes. Especially the first one they show the next villain, which I know, heres a hint TH*NOS. I totally recommend watching this NOW!

Finally I get to see a movie after Twilight. Wrath of the Titans is a sequel to Clash of the Titans which came out in 2010. Story: After the Kraken is defeated by Perseus 10-12 years later after Perseus having a son and the mother of the son being killed, the gods are turning more mortal after a break in of The Wall of Tartarus. It is up to Perseus and Agenor (son of Poseidon) to defeat a new boss. No more spoilers that's up to me to tell you to watch it. This movie is full of action and humor here and there. Out of a 10 i give Wrath of the Titans a 7/10. Being that is some parts go by fast and some parts didn't make sense to me. I recommend watching this in theaters for the ultimate experience. I did not watch this in 3D being a movie is a movie without it being in our faces. Medusa can suck it.

   The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Review: Story: It all starts out with a wedding to a honeymoon which turns out bad and good, Bella soon finds out she is pregnant and the wolfs think that the baby is gonna be a demon vampire bloodsucker, so they try and kill it leading Bella dieing, than at the ending part Bella opening her eyes and they are red. Review: I give this movie a solid 7.5/10, if you didn't watch the other 3 movies behind this some parts won't make sense. My opinion is that the wedding scene takes up too much of the movie. But it is worth a movie experience so i recommend taking your girl (Not your family, if you do cover your kids ears and eyes for some parts), reviews coming soon until then, leave us your review.

Puss in Boots Review: To get started, if you didn't know this already this is technically the 5th Shrek movie, sort of yes no. Or the first Puss in Boots movie, i dont know which one im going with the first one. PLOT: This dates back to before Puss met Shrek and Fiona, it shows how he got his name, okay so apparently Puss is an orphan and he makes friends with Humpty Dumpty, they become brothers and he betrays Puss, just watch the movie and you'll see, HINT: Golden Eggs
Now i rate this movie about a 6 1/2, now this whole movie is full of laughter and some sadness. I recommend you watch this in theaters for the full experience.

 Paranormal Activity 3 Review: Paranormal Activity 3 Review
Well as you PA fans know each of these movies go backwards, this goes back to 1988 when they were little girls, so apparently in the beginning SPOILER the parents were making a sex tape and they have cameras because the husband records weddings and edits them, they were doing it when an earthquake happened so they left and dust and sand was falling from the building and it saw it was falling on a figure which is Toby the ghost/demon so the husband put cameras around the house and each night goes by and they see the little girl Katie, (main character) was talking to nothing (Toby), which leads to biggg trouble.
Rate: 6/10
Lots of pop outs and you know when it gets quite somethings up. So watch PA3 and tell me what you think about it, just leave it in the comment section below